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Everything is connected

Careers, love, health, friends and financials are often interlinked, and when one becomes out of balance it can affect another, which is normal because we are all just people at the end of the day. Let us help balance the pressures of life, with what’s important.

Talkcircle offers a collaboration with companies to create a personal safe place for employees, a simple gateway for direct, anonymous and neutral help.

What is talkcircle?

Talkcircle is a online platform that offers text and video therapy with international licensed professionals from around the world. We are secure and easily accessible anywhere with a mobile, smart device or computer.

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Tailored Packages

Whether it's discounted package rates or pre-purchased blocks of therapy time, we can offer a dedicated team of therapists for your business; one that understand the business environment.

We tailor packages to suit your business requirements, please reach out to set up a meeting with our sales team to find out more details.

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Free initial advice for employees
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Offer your employees corporate discount vouchers on text of video therapy.




Purchase discounted hourly blocks of therapy in advance


How do employees use Talkcircle?

We’ve designed Talkcircle with a simple interface so it’s easy to use and reduces anxiety, unlike so many other computer based software we all use daily.

Finding a therapist
If your employees are short on time, we provide guidance to find a suitable therapist. They can chat to our in-house specialists to help match them with a therapist from our network tailored to their individual situation. With our extensive range of experienced therapists, Talkcircle covers all aspects of mental health related topics, so your staff can open up to us about any issue.

Your staff also have the option to do a quick self test consisting of a few questions so we can better understand their needs, and then suggest a great therapist to help wherever they may need it.

Designed for the work environment

A choice of therapy style
Once matched to a therapist, employees can choose a style of communication that suits their lifestyle and work schedule. We offer both text and video therapy, easily accessible anywhere with a mobile, smart device or a computer.

Quality and Security
All therapists in our network are carefully screened to ensure a high level of support. Our platform is encrypted to international standards ensuring safety and security. Employees have private access to their personal Talkcircle dashboard, so everything is confidential and secure.

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Boost employee happiness and growth by providing a more neutral platform for personal issues

Higher retention

Higher operating income

Improved performance

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Often staff may not feel comfortable talking to HR departments and traditional support teams. Talkcircle offers HR department and organisations an easy to implement tool to seek professional therapy. It lets people address problems at a convenient time, often outside of business hours, instead of burdening HR departments with personal problems.


Focus on business

The longer someone lingers on personal issues, the less busy they will be focussing on the job. Everybody wants to move forward, reach goals and work on their potential, but sometimes they can't do that alone. Why not give your team an outlet, so they can then focus on what matters.


Minimising stress

Management roles can be stressful, and as such managers are often making hard choices that can have real impact on the company’s future. Talkcircle is on standby to help with any personal challenges or setbacks, to clear the way for making the important decisions.


There is never enough time

With Talkcircle, employees can note down a quick text message in their dashboard in the moment, and then address the issue at later stage in a therapy session at home that night, so not to interrupt their working hours. One of our benefits is that staff can use Talkcircle at a time that’s suitable for them.


Forget the Stigma

Regardless of an employee's position, it can be hard to speak to colleagues, a boss or HR about personal issues. Talkcircle therapy is online and anonymous, and as such people find it easier to openly chat about their challenges, compared to traditional face to face therapy and corporate support systems.

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