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I'm a licensed psychologist in private practice, psychotherapist and graphologist, and member of the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Madrid (Spain). I hold a degree in Psychology (U.K), a Master's degree in Forensic and Clinical Psychology (Spain), in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy (Italy), and in IFS, Internal Family Systems Therapy (U.S.A.).
Brief Strategic Psychotherapy is a systemic approach which offers efficient specific protocols for specific issues and disorders. IFS is a powerful and insightful humanistic approach, valuable for developing self knowledge, inner transformation and personal growth. The combination of both techniques is very effective.
I work with individuals, couples and families, and help parents help their children through indirect therapy.
For the last 15 years I have worked with English-speaking expats living in Madrid and abroad, people from different countries and cultures. I am passionate about my work because every person implies a new challenge. Human capacity for change and self-improvement is enormous, and to have the opportunity to equip people with the necessary tools to help them do so is a great personal satisfaction.